The First Time I Connected with Gallery Art.

I’ve been wanting to start my blog for some time now, just getting round to it now, I’ve had my hands full lately…..


We have just received our 4th and final addition to our family, our daughter Maria Barbara Walls was born on the 24th October at 11:54 weighing 9lbs 14oz. My head has been up my backside, as I’ve been doing the night feeds.  She’s a dream, eat, sleep, rave, and repeat! Babies only bring love to a family and we are loving every minute of her, there is no greater gift. But I think I will be booking myself in to the hospital in the new year for a little procedure for myself…..


After my exhibition, I needed to focus on the family, putting the book and exhibition together took all my time and energy. So, for September and October I hung my camera up, this gave me time to reflect and more importantly concentrate on my wife and children and prepare for our new arrival.



I remember clearly when I connected with a piece of art in a gallery for the first time and the experience has stayed with me. I must have been around 16, my friend’s mum took us down to London, sadly neither of them is with us now. One of our first visits was the ‘The National Gallery’, this was the first time I had entered a gallery, I never once thought, this would be boring, I was intrigued to find out what all the fuss was about.  I remember it bustling with people. Walking from room to room, some paintings I liked then some I walked straight pass. Then boom, I saw ‘The Umbrellas’, by Renior this painting made me take a seat, making me look at the painting longer, thinking about the young girl in the painting. For me, this was not an everyday occurrence, that a piece of art stopped me in my tracks, I felt a connection with this painting. Then it happened again with ‘Bathers at Asineres’ by Georges Seurat, I believe it’s still in Room 43 at the ‘The National Gallery’. Again, it grabbed my attention, it made this teenager who’s head was full of Nike Air Max and girls, take a seat, think about the young lad in the painting, it made me have a think about what was going on in my own life. This is what I love about art, the connection we make with it, it could be poetry, live music, graffiti, theatre, paintings, images or anything else, if we connect with it and it provokes feeling, we want more.


I remember being told at High School that I was not good at art; this was just after I painted a shark scene. It was decided for me not to go down the creative route, pigeon holed into something else. I remember feeling devastated. I thought my painting was amazing. With our own kids, we encourage them into doing all things sporty and creative. Never telling them they are bad at something, why would you stop them doing something they enjoy?


For me now, I have a new lease of life, I never been happier. I worked loads of hours in the taxi, along with bringing up 4 kids, sure I have my hands full. But having a creative output, gives my life balance, I buzz from putting together a project, discussing ideas with friends, taking images on my camera, then editing my work at home. The buzz I got from putting my exhibition together, then receiving my self-published book blew my mind. I think my wife could even say, I’ve been a lot happier……


I may never be the greatest writer or photographer, but that’s fine by me, I just want to keep doing things that make me happy. Even now, I know my writing isn’t the best, but it doesn’t stop me. This is why I want my blog to be a platform for others to share their ideas and work. A platform to gain continence and praise, ideas and motivation to complete that project that’s been sitting on your desk or computer. Or that book or project you’ve being talking about for years but never got around to doing it. We are never too late to start a hobby, I purchased my first camera at 39 and I’m now 42.


I think this is enough for now, I will try and post every week. Please get in touch if you have any idea or projects you want to share or discuss.


Thank you.


Ryan X